Baba Brinkman

Of Rap Guide to Evolution fame, Baba Brinkman is the greatest science rapper alive. He treated BrainBash 2013 attendees to an incredible show. If you haven't witnessed the greatness that is Baba yet, head over to

Dan Cowen

One of the most talented cinematographers Tyler knows. Helped direct and edit the TTT Indiegogo video. Watch more of his work on his website:

Emotiv Lifesciences

A company with the mission of democratizing brain research which makes totally amazing brain-computer interface products. Emotiv donated their EEG head-caps for our outreach efforts. Watch their tech in action in their TED talk.


Nadia Powers and her org, IMPROVed got The Think Tank's teaching team on their feet for our teacher training. Book her and IMPROVed at

Karen Trella

Development Director at Urban Pathways, a nonprofit fighting homelessness in NY. Karen helped us plan BrainBash 2013 and is secretly admired by Tyler for being a fellow fast-talking, no-nonsense New Yorker.

Lisa Dierbeck

Author of The Autobiography of Jenny X and One Pill Makes You Smaller. The brain behind TTT's press releases!

Great Believer

A design irm that delivers brilliant branding to "good causes, like The Think Tank." Their words! We're lucky enough to have GB design our new logo. Check out their work at

Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York

Co-Founder Tyler's alma mater! MHC donated their beautiful brownstone for The Think Tank's BrainBash 2013. What is MHC? Macaulay Honors College at The City University of New York offers exceptional students a uniquely personalized education with access to the vast resources of the nation’s largest urban university and New York City itself. Selected for their top high school records and leadership potential, Macaulay students receive a full-tuition scholarship, a laptop and technology support, and a $7,500 Opportunities Fund to pursue global learning and service opportunities.  A Cultural Passport provides access to museums, libraries, and other treasures around New York City. Macaulay students enroll in one of eight CUNY senior colleges (Baruch, Brooklyn, City, Hunter, John Jay, Lehman, Queens and Staten Island). For more information, see

Particularly instrumental were:

  • Andrew Adair, Associate Director of Student Development
  • Ann Kirschner, University Dean of Macaulay Honors College
  • Autumn Payne, Director of Annual Giving and Special Events
  • Grace Rapkin, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Joseph Ugoretz, Associate Dean of Teaching, Learning, and Technology
  • Mike Lamb, Associate Director of Immersive and Personalized Education
  • Olga Barskaya, Manager of Special Events
  • Vanessa Iaffa, Named Scholarship Coordinator

Philae Knight

Auctioneer extraordinaire, Philae donated her expert auctioneering services to make BrainBash 2013 a huge hit.

The Amygdaloids

The greatest neuroscientist rockband on earth, The Amygdaloids had everyone dancing at BrainBash 2013. The band was named after the part of the brain thought to register fear, on which frontman Joe LeDoux is a renowned authority. Listen to their tracks at

TTT's Founding NYC Braintrust

  • Alisa Nadolishny
  • Anna Karp
  • Brad Swain
  • Brian Kateman (nab him as your social media consultant)
  • DJ Cornelius

  • Crichton Atkinson (see her artist's portfolio for wows)
  • Eric Schomburg
  • David DiLillo (talented film-maker)
  • David Craig
  • Gloria Cavalliero
  • Hope Watson
  • Jenna Peet
  • Joe Eastman
  • Lissa Moses (check our her animated science series, Mosa Mack)
  • Luca Dupras 
  • Maryam Zaringhalam
  • Nadia Witte (amazing photographer and artist)
  • Nazia Fyazi





National Science Foundation

Emotiv Lifesciences


Gerry Ohrstrom

Forming Circles

Sara Lee Schupf


Ami Dar of

Brian Kateman

Dawn & Bruce Alterman


Aaron Hamilin

Adora Wilson-Eye


Alane Celeste

Amal Elbakhar

Amber Baysinger

Amber Watts

Andrienne Moss

Angrew Cahil

Ann Kirschner

Ann Whitman

Ariana Tobias

Ariel Abrahams

Ashley Doukas

Autumn Payne

Ayo Oti

Ben Kleiman


Blake Rubin

Brad Swain



Cailin Barrett-Bressack

Carol Rommel

Caroline Craig

Charlotte Hendrickson

Charlotte Weiskittel

Chaz Firestone

Ché Lucero

Chelsea Alterman

Chelsea Power

Chiara Forestieri

Cindy Ellsmore

Cindy Lozito

Claire Clairon

Cleve Graver

Colby Minifie


Crichton Atkinson

Damon Abraham

Dan Feldman

Daniel Menelly

Danielle Sonnenberg

Danielle Villegas

David DiLillo

David Higgins

David Manier

David Pereplyotchik

Dawn Alterman

Denise Weller

Dorothy Sonnenburg

Ellie Horowitz

Emily Thetford-Smith


Evan Shulman

Gabrielle Lyon

Gary Schwartz

Gloria Cavallaro


Hasan Bhatti

Havarah Zawoluk


Ian Gallywag

Ilya Altshteyn

Imani Tucker

Ina Saltz

James Forde

James R. Pomerantz

Jamie Banks

Jeff Zacks

Jenna Peet

Jennifer Mangels

Joe Eastman

John Clark

John Palumbo

Joseph Ugoretz

Josh Brown

Joshua Davis


Kat Atterbury

Katrina Lipinsky

Kara Marshall

Kevin Jordan

Laura Deering

Leo Bierman


Lindsey Freer

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Brundage

Lissa Moses

Lucia Gaviria

Lynn Luckow


Marc Weber

Marcia Comoletti

Mark Stokes

Mary Gifford-Smith

Mary Young

Mary Williams

Matthew Alhonte

Matthew Routh

Michael Mclean

Michelle Cuozzo

Mike Howard

Mike Lamb

Mike Young

Molly Rose Ávila

Mom Alterman

Morton Ann Gernsbacher

Myrto Mylopoulos

Nadia Nieves

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Nadine Peart

Nolwen Cosmao (thanks roomie!)

Ofri Felder

Olaf Woldan

Olga Shcheglova


Paulette Young

Peter Casas

Peter Chislett

Phil Ponce De Leon

Philp Ahlqvist




Richard Aufrichtig

Roberto Botini

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Sandra Kear

Sarah Hailey

Stephen Macknik


Teresa Gonczy

Thomson Nguyen


Vanessa Iaffa

Vivienne Baldassare

Wendy Dubit