New Opening: Communications Manager

We're currently inviting UChicago students or post-docs to apply for a volunteer position as Communication Manager on The Think Tank's core team. The ideal applicant will:

  • ...Have self-diagnosed brainophilia: a benign neurological condition known to induce a love for neuroscience, psychology, or science in general.
  • ...Show passion for spreading brainophilia through science outreach and social media.
  • ...Demonstrate the moxy, mirth, and doggedness demanded to become a founding member of our civic venture.

.As Communications Manager, your mission will be to:

    1. Reinvent our social media platform. (Activities may include blogging, tweeting, and Instagramming about the brain and behavioral sciences, but we welcome creative ideas.)
    2. Brainstorm innovative ways to captivate the public through events and demonstrations.
    3. Engage local and national press.

    Please send résumés to and apply below.