Hello, Think Tankers! We are kicking off a monthly series on this here blog, where at the end of every month we’ll highlight a handful of awesome STEM or STEMed-related links that we didn’t get around to sharing sooner. As the saying goes, we save the best for last in this series, and the links below will give you a taste of what’s to come! This month’s blog post is dedicated to all our science filmmakers, both of the big screen and computer screen variety!

1. Bluebrain is a 10-part documentary about the Blue Brain Project, the brainchild of Henry Markram, PhD, who announced in 2009 his work to “reverse-engineer a human brain with digital simulations of all the physical properties of every neuron, powered by IBM Blue Gene supercomputers by 2020.” The project will film over 14 years, with the final installment projected for release in 2019. Here are parts one, two, three and four.

2. Our winos will appreciate this one. One of our favorite science blogs, It’s Okay to be Smart, recently posted this amazing video tribute to the great Richard Feynman, PhD, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. This short video features an audio clip of Dr. Feynman reciting his poem, "The Universe in a Glass of Wine.” The video is all at once clever, smart and beautiful.

3. Here’s another poetic tribute. This time, famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD, recites Walt Whitman’s “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer.” The audio is paired with gorgeous animations of the universe, and the resulting video is absolutely mesmerizing. A heart-felt shout out goes to the American Museum of Natural History for this gem.

4. What happens after a whale dies? Sweet Fern Productions shows how ocean life is intimately connected in a playful yet refreshingly informative way. We especially love how they used creative paper models to animate this story.

5. Everyone’s resolution is to exercise more in the New Year. We all know that routine exercise offers a wide range of health benefits, but BrainCraft delivers a crafty and educational video about the benefits of exercise on memory, surely a practical tip we could all use. +1 for the listed references to the video’s cited research!

6. New York-based filmmaker Jacob LaMendeloa produced Anosmia, a 9-minute documentary about people who live with the inability to smell. With powerfully vivid imagery, LaMendeloa (who has anosmia himself) does a fantastic job telling the mini-stories of these individuals, who will never know the smell of things we take for granted everyday: the scent of babies, a single rose or a slice of fresh-baked apple pie.

7. Set for release this summer, NEURODOME utilizes modern-day imaging and other technologies to explore how our brain, with its intricate highway system of neural networks, innately wires us to explore and discover new mysteries in the universe. The team behind NEURODOME gives us a hint for what's to come with two teasers for this summer's upcoming movie.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these links as much as we did. If you know of any other awesome science films, tweet at us or get in touch on Facebook!