Sleep is for the weak. So goes the popular myth, especially here in New York.

But according to a wave of research, nothing could be further from the truth. I, personally, have been so convinced by this research that I've become famous amongst friends as being "he who does not sacrifice sleep." 

Imagine that you could take a vitamin that would boost your thinking ability, your emotional stability, your productivity, your willpower, your ability to learn, and your grades in school while lowering your anxiety and forgetfulness. That vitamin is sleep.

Given that getting the wrong amount of sleep is also linked to weight gainincreased chance of strokedisease risk, and even attractiveness, start making sleep a priority today! An article from ScienceBlog has some great tips to help you get to bed on time.

Three of my personal bizarro tricks for getting to sleep by 12pm (not based on any science I know of):

  1. Watch South Park.
  2. Listen to the New Yorker Fiction podcast.
  3. Ice bath!

Stay tuned tomorrow for cog sci tip no. 2.